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Бытовая техника Miele в Воронеже

8 800 500-20-92

Сушильная машина T608HX.W


Описание товара и характеристики

This energy-saving white heat pump tumble dryer from our Style range has a sturdy and long-lasting construction with a stainless steel drum and a reliable brushless motor. Installation is easy since no ductwork is required and it is also suitable for confined spaces since the heat pump only requires a small amount of external air. It is easy to use and you can set different dryness levels with the auto programs, from completely dry to iron dry. 18 programs and various options will help you dry your clothes effectively every time.

  • Класс энергопотребления: A+++
  • Загрузка: 8 кг
  • Тепловой насос
  • Количество программ: 18
  • Фильтр конденсора с автоматической очисткой
  • Установка: Отдельностоящий прибор
  • Дизайн-линия: Style